why the name & what we do

It's called A Hundred Ways North because life is not a direct route. To live your true north requires adaptability, flexibility, curiosity, creativity and a willingness to ask every day, what action is required in order to be your whole self and full size in this ever-changing world we share.  

A Hundred Ways North uses our unique process of align/partner/create to craft guided workshops and coaching sessions where you can:

  • explore the freedom of choice

  • practice new ways to partner

  • experience the relationship between mind and body and what it means to be in coordination

  • use conscious thought to move and speak with clear intention

  • choose your story and how you live it

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fia skye

née Wendy Saver/Mortimer

I balanced a life in theatre & academia for almost 20 years. Now I freelance and create workshops centered on the practice of presence. Particularly curious about wholeness and mind/body connection, I am in the process of certification in the Alexander Technique (under the mentorship of Cathy Madden).

Everything I used to teach young artists: how to find their light, how to partner, how to take and give space, how to speak with clarity and conviction, how to believably compel an audience of strangers, and how to align so deeply with another's set of life circumstances that you willingly widen your own opinions and feelings in service of making space for someone else's story... is wildly useful in every day living.

These are pathways to be more communicative and more present in personal relationships and daily living.

I am a member of Actor's Equity Association, Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA), Alexander Technique International (ATI), and the theatre company P3/east. My MFA is in acting from the University of Washington's Professional Actor Training Program. My writing can be found in past journals of VASTA and upcoming journals of ATI.

And for those who want more specific info:I've served on theatre faculties of Marymount Manhattan, University of Connecticut, Wesleyan University & Ball State (where I was tenured); published articles on cross-culture storytelling, beginner's mind, and balancing analytical with kinesthetic learning principles; traveled three times to teach & direct in the Gauteng Province in South Africa; and worked and coached in regional theatres across the country.

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brian andreas

Most people know me as the writer and artist behind StoryPeople. Brian Andreas Studio is my wild space where you'll find my most recent stories and all the other things I'm up to...

Born in Iowa, raised in Chicago, I went to Luther College for my BA in Theater and English. Later on, after I figured out what I really wanted to do (HA!) I got my MFA in Fiber and Mixed Media from John F. Kennedy University in the Bay Area of California. Fibre? you say. I thought you told stories. Well, if you must know, I’d answer, my degree is in Stories As The Fibre of Human Community.

That said, my real education came from being in the world: short order cooking at Denny’s, apprenticing with a French chef in Chicago, running operations at a high-fashion mannequin factory in L.A., doing contract archaeology in the summer heat, dabbling as a tennis pro after college, writing plays for a small theatre company in Minnesota. I speak six languages, with my favorites being the Romance languages (not surprisingly).

For me, the thousands of stories I've written are a lot like going through photo albums. They mark specific moments & ways of being in my life. Taken on their own, they are reminders of those times. When I read a group of my stories, I get a sense of where they’ve been leading me, what they’ve been wanting me to understand the whole time. That changes through time & through the addition of further stories along the way.

I paint canvases. I sculpt wood. I write stories. I cook. I have long conversations with the people I love & much shorter conversations with people I don't. I make books - 15 so far. I devour urban fantasy on my ipad (at least, lately. I have a few non-fiction thingies I'm reading, too, but those are mainly to prove I have a broad set of interests when someone asks...)

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A Belgian Tervuren with the alias of Mooseboy, the Windherder. In defiance of his breed, he is a healthy 68 lbs. and regularly enjoys stomping about in fresh water streams. He is our guide & reminder of what it is to be entirely & perfectly present.


In 2012, I journeyed to South Africa in search of interconnectedness.

from fia

I drove alone along the tip of someone else's continent, irrevocably altered by the juxtaposition of human poverty and stunning natural beauty of places I never knew existed. I witnessed extraordinary kindness and aligned so deeply with the yellow sun that I lost my sense of belonging to anyone and any place, as I focused on what connects us rather than what separates.

This changed the stories I'd come to believe about myself, others, and the world we share. 

A few years later, as a recipient of a university teaching award, I was asked to give the commencement speech. My manifesto was an invitation to create from a space of abundance, and as I wrote the words, I realized a gap between what I was teaching and what I was living. 

Around this time, I unexpectedly met Brian Andreas at a dinner in Indiana. One evening triggered a series of decisions each of us was willing to make. I left my job & changed my name. Within 6 months, we published Creative Anarchy; took a 6949 mile road trip through 14 states in 72 days in the middle of winter; and began a collaboration that will take a lifetime to explore.