We've been fielding lots of questions about the workshops via email, so we thought it might be useful to address a few of the popular ones in a more public space.... 

There are a lot of creativity workshops out there, how are yours different?

Great question. What separates workshops are the teachers. Each workshop, even if the technique being taught is similar, will be entirely different because of the space that is created by those that lead. We suggest you take a workshop because of who will be in the room, holding the space for you to step into. It matters, because it will affect how you will be in the room... and how the material covered will land in a lasting way.

Here at A Original Design Lab/Hundred Ways North, it's Brian & Fia. You experience Brian's view of the world when you read his stories... That same humor, vibrant energy, and potent clarity comes through when he's working with others. As for Fia, she connects everything back to body & belly knowledge. So when she refers to authenticity or presence, she's really saying, you without the filters of tension, stress, and ideology that is in the way of what you desire.

How do you know if this is the right workshop for you? Listen to your instinct. Is the workshop a space you're willing to step into? 

I love the idea of a workshop, but the timing and travel make it difficult. Any chance you're going to do a workshop near me in (fill in your city and state...)?

It's possible...  Right now our full attention is on the September workshop in Portland, Maine. We are looking to completely re-locate by the end of the year, so we're leaving some open space & time for this. We are currently scheduling workshops for 2018 (Virginia & North Carolina...)

Here's our thoughts on travel... We know it takes something. Extra. And that's part of the larger experience. Your real journey begins the moment you decide to leave. When you travel, you get to choose. It's time separated from habitual daily patterns. You will experience new people, new challenges, and growth is inevitable. External circumstances requires you to engage in problem-solving, and a part of you will awaken as you break ritual and re-define your identity. We know many of you that are interested in the workshops do not live near the cities in which we've scheduled them. You'll have some distance to go in order to work alongside us. There's something about you making that decision. We take that to heart and trust the entire experience will be part of the larger thing you seek.

Can you tell me more about the Power of Story workshops? 

Well, in part, it's an extension of Brian's latest book, Bring Your Life Back to Life (taking these stories and putting them into an actual practice). The other part of the workshop has to do with partnering. Whether you're an artist who uses story to create or you're interested in changing your personal story, we look at where stories come from. We'll explore how the larger context of shared spaces (the third space) can be a source for discovery, rather than solely coming from stories that already reside within you. 

We try to tailor the focus of the workshop to the specific group.  

Sometimes we focus on how the body and voice tell their own story (regardless of the words you choose). We share techniques that will help you balance and sync your intent with your body & voice, so your stories can be heard. More time is spent on breath and how this can help you access more of your self in your work. 

And sometimes we work more with partnering exercises, so you can both experience and observe the gap between the story you think you're telling and the one you're actually telling. There is an awareness of body & voice, but the main focus is on partnering (discovering the third space). 

Do I need to be a performer or professional speaker for the Authentic Voice workshops? 

No. That's the beautiful thing about this. You have one body. One voice. It's the same set of muscles, tissues, and bone whether you're speaking to a dear friend across the table, singing in the car or standing in front of thousands of strangers on a stage... What changes is the aim. Every day we use our bodies and voices, yet rarely do we consider what might be possible if we accessed the fullness of each... So whether you're a seasoned speaker or you'd simply like to land your voice on the bones of the people who matter most, this workshop is designed to help you access the fullness of your body & voice. 

What's your refund policy for the workshops?

We understand life events happen unexpectedly sometimes… Here’s how we balance your change of commitment with our responsibility to vendors that require upfront costs for each workshop. If for any reason you are suddenly unable to attend the workshop, here’s how we work that out with you: Up to 10 days prior to the workshop date: You will be refunded the cost of the workshop fee, less the stated non-refundable deposit.  Less than 10 days prior to the workshop date, up until the date of the event:   If we are able to fill your spot (either from a waiting list or through someone you find to replace you), we will refund you the amount (less the non-refundable deposit). If we are unable to fill your spot, there is no refund. However, the entire amount you paid can be used by yourself or gifted to another person for another workshop within a year’s time.

What's the difference between coaching & workshops?

Our workshops tend to be taught by one or both of us, and the coaching is done by Fia. Workshops are mostly group oriented, though you do receive personal feedback. Coaching is one-on-one, all about you. In the workshops, we suggest the topic/question, framework, & route. In coaching, you choose what you wish to work towards & everything we do is about figuring out the best way for you to lessen that gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

If I bring one of my StoryPeople items to the workshop, will Brian sign it? 

Sure thing. But if you're mainly looking to meet Brian, then we'd recommend you attend a community conversation rather than a workshop. The workshops are really for those interested in digging in to the practice of presence, where the real focus is on you

I love StoryPeople. Are the workshops like that?

Well… Brian is the creator & artist behind StoryPeople… so that same energy & joy you’ve come to love in his writing is present in the room. What’s different about these workshops, is that when his energy meets Fia’s it creates a whole new space. In the words of a recent workshop participant, “The focus is on your stories and your natural voice which comes out of tapping the wisdom of your body, of being fully present to what bubbles up…” We encourage you to take a look around the site, get a feel for what we have to say, who we are, and what we’re up to. And if you still have questions, just ask. We’re happy to have a conversation. 

I have a presentation coming up, can you help?

Absolutely. This is Fia's wheelhouse. Creating a believable & compelling presence so your content can be heard, dealing with stage fright, navigating the actor-audience relationship… this is what I do. Just email & we’ll begin a conversation. 

What are your coaching rates? What if I'm in a different state or country?

Rates vary according to the package we create together. Fia can travel to where you are, depending on schedules. The terms of this will be detailed in the contract that's drawn up after the initial conversation. We're all about transparency & communication, so there are no surprises for anyone along the way.  For international & out of state clients, Skype is great, however it really depends on what you’re looking to address. Some things we can only work on in person. And if you’re on a deadline and I can’t get there – I’m happy to see if I can help you find another qualified teacher in your area.