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The Alexander Technique

This technique is recognized around the world as one that offers ways to enhance the quality of anything you’re doing. That may sound like an impossible promise, so let me briefly explain…

The man after which this technique was named, was an Australian actor/orator. He kept straining his voice during performance, and after working with several doctors to no avail, he embarked on what would become a lifelong exploration of the mind/body connection. F.M. Alexander determined that the relationship of the head and spine directly affects the quality of absolutely every action we take. Correspondingly, our perception or our belief of something, influences the use of our whole selves.

There is no separation between the mind and the body. We are whole. At every moment of the day… This means that what we’re thinking directly affects the way we’re moving, and the way we’re moving may or may not be in coordination with our intent or the way we are physiologically designed.

When all of us is in coordination, there is less pain and stress because there is flow, ease, grace, and efficiency. Habits that may no longer be useful can be addressed and profound change can occur when options in the ways we move and think become newly apparent.

It’s important to note that this is not like massage or chiropractic work. There may be light hands on for guidance, but this technique relies on your curiosity and desire to do something in a new way.

Many performers, athletes, and those recovering from injury seek lessons from certified Alexander Technique teachers. As I continue my own training and use this work daily, I’ve become curious about are the ways in which this work can affect the countless every day pedestrian movements that make up the bulk of our lives. Moments we glaze over as we move from here to there… in-between moments often overlooked yet of deep influence on our whole selves.

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what I most love about this work:

(and why I use it every single day…)

  • It is inclusive. It is for anyone with any body doing any thing.

  • The ability to separate out fictional beliefs that impair the quality of what we do

  • Your potential is in direct balance to your desire. This means empowerment and sustainable change - a continual invitation to flexibility, adaptability, and creativity.