Things are going really well for me, which I attribute to much of the work we did together... I have never felt more confident in all aspects of my life... I feel more emboldened to have difficult conversations with our current clients... You have given me a lifelong gift for which I am eternally grateful...
— scott, Executive Coaching
I felt my edges yesterday. I felt my discomfort and challenges, and still the space felt safe enough to lean into them... Thank you for this work. I am excited to continue it. I feel the challenges, the blocks and the fears and even more I feel the fierce want and will to be fully present. I LOVE what you shared. You held the space beautifully and shared some profound insights and practices that are already unfolding in and shifting me. Deep bow, gratitude and blessings.
— ellie, Authentic Voice Workshop
I have always believed in the power of story to change the world – and StoryPeople is living proof. Your simple yet profound stories have without a doubt inspired and impacted our world for the better. But the community conversation was even bigger. It felt like your artwork was jumping off the pages and asking people to engage. Your stories were coming to life… what you and Fia are doing now is even more expansive that the work you’ve done to date…
— angela, Writing In the Body Workshop
I can’t express adequately how much your guidance has enlightened me to the areas of myself that I want to focus on improving while at the same time having a sense of gratitude for my strengths. Your helpful insights are already influencing how I approach my writing, content development, and personal interactions…
— scott, Executive Coaching
I feel like I learned so much - not just about the voice - but by watching the way you led the room and made space for everyone. You carry a unique blend of peace and courage and are so fun to be around! If there is another workshop in the area, you can count me in.

I’ve been practicing my exercises and I already feel more aware of my voice and when I carry tension... I may make the jump now and take some voice lessons simply because I’m curious about how big/free my voice could actually be.
— lindley, Authentic Voice Workshop
…put your fears aside and understand you’ll be working with two people who care about you deeply. you may enter with the desire to grow and learn as a writer, but surprise, you’ll come away a better human being…
— michelle, Writing in the Body Workshop
I have been trying to find the words to adequately express my gratitude for YOU and my experience in the workshop. I have them for sure, but they are so many that I have struggled to decide which ones to use! I have had so much come up for me since this workshop – empowerment, freedom, laughter, joy, connecting more dots, and emotion coming up from my soul still in need of letting go. Thank goodness, it is coming up and OUT! Thank you SO much!!
— kathy, Authentic Voice Workshop

…I am still amazed that the simple act of relaxing my tongue automatically results in deeper breathing. Checking my tongue is now the first anxiety management tool out of my “Anxiety Management Toolbox…
— marcelle, Authentic Voice Workshop
I went to work yesterday with my army behind me, full of joy, and everything felt different. When things came my way, I was able to release them. It was an amazing feeling!
— joan, Writing in the Body Workshop
This is an integrative experience that can help you grow as a person and a writer or artist… finding and exploring your “voice” and identity with gentle but firm guidance.
— cathy, Writing in the Body Workshop