Choose Love

this morning I choose love.

heart-worn and a little weepy at what this election revealed about a country I thought I knew... how divided we have become...we are not aligned... individually or collectively. we cannot un-know this now.

a warm cup of coffee in one hand, Yoshi leaning into me, I listen to the morning sun rise.

his presence balances me... deep brown dog eyes look directly into mine and our breathing syncs... there is a wisdom he holds that I have yet to learn.

each day he is the fullness of what he is. only this. nothing less. he takes in the entirety of his world and meets it with directness. his alliances & boundaries are clear, though his intelligence keeps him curious and willing to move beyond his own habits of knowing. he relies on instinct because he knows who he is without contradiction. to remain healthy, he requires exercise & a mix of the in and out-of-doors. good food that is chosen with care. and a pack. love...

so this morning I align with the sun, our pup, and turn my heart towards love

and I find gratitude for clarity of what has been revealed at the very bones of who we are, so we can open up more fully to one another and walk in a new truth towards something larger. one step at a time.

choose love.