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Practice #1

Practice #1

Each morning, check in with your own body before you check email or your phone or turn on any news source,

The world is already in motion by the time you wake… you’re not behind, though some mornings it may feel that way. You are the only one who can do whatever it is you’re going to do today, in the way only you will do it. 

Many begin the day with their minds, forcing their bodies to catch up. And some directly connect to the world through technology before they've even connected to themselves. But what if you reverse this? Rather than have yesterday or external sources dictate your feelings and direction for today, check in with you. Today. Get current information. Begin from a place of listening – to your body.

You might do this before your feet even hit the floor, or you might do the things you need to do in the morning (go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, let the dog outside...)

1. Find a quiet place to breathe. Just this. Follow the inhale and the exhale for a few breaths.

 2. Go through your entire body to see how it’s feeling and what it has to say. Check in with the thoughts you have, the questions… no matter how seemingly random or tangential, listen to all of them. Become aware of how your body feels, all the pieces and parts.

3. Attend to what asks for attention. (This may mean writing or stretching or simply breathing until all the thoughts quiet and you feel entirely present in this moment...)

4. And then… begin your day from this place of balance and inner calm.


Later Event: February 26
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