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Practice #2

Slow down by taking time to nourish your body through the act of eating. Just this.

So much of the time we are multi-tasking when eating... squeezing it in between deadlines or meetings or while driving... There's always a reason why there's not time to stop and eat a meal that you can actually taste... But what if you acknowledge that this food you're eating becomes part of you. It fuels the list of things you wish to get done. It's an investment for relationships, work, energy levels, your emotional stability. It's worth it to create some space and time around an activity that keeps you alive... 

So. What if you allowed yourself the grace and time to do one thing at a time, and just simply eat the meal that is front of you. That's it. Nothing else. 

No television. No phone conversations. No driving. No working. No screen time. No walking.

Simply be where you are. Take the time it takes to just taste your food. Look around. See where you are. Consider texture, color, smell, and flavors. For just one meal a day. (ideally, it would be 2-3 meals a day for this or any time you're eating but if that's too much of a commitment, begin with one meal a day). 

If there is someone to enjoy this meal with, lovely. If not, lovely. It's quiet time to simply taste the food and breathe. If it's joyful for you to prepare the meal, then let that be part of the process. If not, then the practice begins when you sit down, napkin on your lap... 

bon appétit,

with love, Fia




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