13/sedicisimi Pocket Notebook


13/sedicisimi Pocket Notebook

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Why we love this... the wood is beautiful; it lays flat for easy note taking; one page side is blank wild space while the other page side is lined for more organized thoughts; slightly larger than other pocket notebooks - which means more pages and more content; perfect for purses, backpacks or to keep in your car; it's a great way to partner with friends in Turin, Italy and the planet... 

  • 199 numbered pages with index
  • 4.3 x 5.9 inches
  • Sewn binding with a cloth-covered spine
  • A Hundred Ways North logo imprinted on the back cover
  • ash cover is a special manufacturing process where logs are cut into extremely thin slices, piled on top of each other and then laminated at different angles, creating different grain effects. The thin wood sheet is then coupled with natural card

  • Natural finish 85 gsm ivory acid-free paper made with ECF cellulose from FSC-certified forests managed in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards
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Here's a note from the designer, Silvia Caligaris... 

13sedicesimi means ‘thirteen-sixteenths’ i.e., 13 sections of sextodecimo folded paper with a sewn binding. Do we mean ‘design’ in the Italian sense of the word? In that case, we’re talking about aesthetics. Do we mean ‘design’ in the English sense of the word? Then we’re talking about form and function. Do we mean both? Then we’re talking about 13/sedicesimi.

Design is everywhere. You’ll find it in details like the sewn binding and the cloth-covered spine that allow you to open a notebook at any page and lay it flat. Both the left-hand and right-hand pages can be used 100%.

The numbered pages and index are an exclusive feature of 13sedicesimi products. Every spread features a blank page and a ruled page; it’s as if to say creativity and organisation, drawings and text. The elastic on the cover is diagonal, a tribute to our logo: it’s placed at the same angle as the pencil that replaces the slash between 13 and 16. An original, unique and exclusive mark.