a hundred ways north

Our workshops are a unique integration of principles based on over 20 years of exploration in the studio and on stage. Originally designed for professional performance, this work has been adapted for wellness and grace in daily living.

We offer ways to enrich the quality and extent to which you are present, sensorily aware, available, flexible, able to adapt and physically move with ease. 

our checklist... 



 Efficient, authentic, and in coordination with the way you are built to function & locomote. 

When you are physically aligned with your intent, there is natural energy in your body, clarity and flow in all areas of your life.



An invitation. Uninhibited willingness to step into a 3rd space that transcends individual voices and binary relationships.

The symbiotic relationship that occurs when organisms inhabit defined spaces. It acknowledges a collective coexistence in which we directly and indirectly affect one another simply by being in the same place together.



Aimed energy into the world from a place of wellness and abundance. Listen and create towards rather than against. 

Ripple effects to any action extend beyond you to create spaces that ultimately become culture and contribute to the world we share.


Celebrating the every day act of living... better


In her book Onstage Synergy, Cathy Madden says, "Every time we breathe, our balance changes."

This means that with each inhale and exhale, the physical body realigns. This is an opportunity to recalibrate, to reboot, to renew with each breath. A healthy adult averages 16 breaths per minute. That's 23,040 opportunities per day, 8,409,600 chances per year to rebalance with grace. 

I felt my edges yesterday. I felt my discomfort and challenges, and still the space felt safe enough to lean into them... Thank you for this work. I am excited to continue it. I feel the challenges, the blocks and the fears and even more I feel the fierce want and will to be fully present. I LOVE what you shared. You held the space beautifully and shared some profound insights and practices that are already unfolding in and shifting me. Deep bow, gratitude and blessings.

— ellie, Authentic Voice Workshop


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