a hundred ways north

We craft guided workshops and coaching sessions where you can synchronize your intent with your body & voice.

Everything in coordination. All of you telling the same story. 

The concept of practicing presence may seem odd because presence is a birthright of everyone (if you're visible, you're present). We're talking about the quality of your presence - the extent to which you are present, available and in good use of all of you. Tension, fear, and ideology can affect what you hear, what you see, and ultimately, what you repeat enough to believe. And beliefs affect physical health and coordination. 

In our creativity workshops, we create spaces where you can experience the connection between flexible thinking and wholebody coordination. Using a variety of methodologies (based on our training and experience), we offer ways to practice this openness and availability. 

our checklist... 



 Efficient, authentic, and in coordination with the way you are built to function & locomote. 

When you are physically aligned with your intent, there is natural energy in your body, clarity and flow in all areas of your life.



An invitation. Uninhibited willingness to step into a 3rd space that transcends individual voices and binary relationships.

When you partner from a place of wholeness and curiosity, profound connections can be made. 



Aimed energy into the world from a place of wellness and abundance. Listen and create towards rather than against. 

Ripple effects to any action extend beyond you to create spaces that ultimately become culture and contribute to the world we share.


Celebrating the every day act of living... better


Living is a creative act. Every day we use science and math and the humanities to navigate spatial and personal relationships. This can be done with grace and efficiency. 

I felt my edges yesterday. I felt my discomfort and challenges, and still the space felt safe enough to lean into them... Thank you for this work. I am excited to continue it. I feel the challenges, the blocks and the fears and even more I feel the fierce want and will to be fully present. I LOVE what you shared. You held the space beautifully and shared some profound insights and practices that are already unfolding in and shifting me. Deep bow, gratitude and blessings.

— ellie, Authentic Voice Workshop


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